BeaTrice's room

Everyone knows mini clients are my favourite kind and gorgeous little Beatrice Aurora is no exception. She is sweet and bashful with a splash of cheekiness on the side. Beas charming new bedroom suits her personality down to a T

When mum, Zoe showed me around her room-to-be, I knew we had our work cut out. The room hadn’t been touched since the 1980s and sadly not in a good way. It may have been a bit damp and dreary but never was there any doubt that this space had bags of potential.

Beatrice is one lucky girl…she has a bedroom that most grown-ups long for. It’s a big, welcoming space with light pouring in from ¾ walls and a gorgeous view to boot. Now all that was missing was an interior that matched the aesthetics outside.

Kids like to feel secure in their environment and I was concerned that such a sizeable room might overwhelm a little dot like Bea. Split walls are bang on trend right now and with good reason but never one to follow the crowd I decided to flip reverse the colourway so that the impact of colour was received from the ceiling and upper walls with white below the split-level. Not only did the outcome deliver the wow factor but it also helped to give a cosier vibe to the space without making the room seem smaller.​​
Painted ceilings draw the eye up- meaning you take in the whole room and not just the four walls. It’s always a good idea to visually continue paint effects across doors, architraves and in the case of this room – the wardrobe to deliver a seamless finish to the scheme. The blush pink is super sophisticated and sits perfectly alongside the grey and mustard accents.  Gold accessories bring an air of elegance and glamour.

I'm sure many people would’ve ripped the dated wardrobes straight out and there was a moment (albeit a brief one) where homeowner Zoe was tempted to do the same but I knew the budget wouldn’t allow for suitable replacements that could hold their own in such a sizeable room.
Zoe and I agreed that the drawers in the wardrobe are just an absolute gem of a find and so the ideas started to unfold. Always try to see the potential of existing fixtures and fittings before you rush to rip them out! I actually think Bea's wardrobes are the star of the show!

Another fitted wardrobe had been dismantled in a different bedroom and the rails and brackets were a tarnished brass- perfect for this rooms palette and better still, perfect for making little ladders leading up to a reading nook! I used cork to create end caps to create a seamless and professional finish and there you have it. One of the things I get the biggest kick out of with interiors is when you can create something truly gorgeous out of junk.
Softened with cushions and soft toys. A selection of books close to hand and voila, Bea has her own little slice of heaven. The wardrobe was here to stay albeit with a bit of an upscale and I am so pleased with the end result. It seemed to get Bea’s seal of approval too-it was just adorable to see her sitting in comfort reading her books and loving life.

Once all those books have allowed her imagination to run wild she can get all her ideas down on paper at her stunning La Redoute vintage desk.
This space was glammed up with a DIY hanging side light with a geometric shade. To achieve this look I drilled through a wooden shelf bracket from Ikea and fed through the corded flexi light fitting- so simple and yet so sophisticated and effective.
Bea has some gorgeous pieces in her room to spark her sense of adventure and fuel her inquisitive nature. Check out her sleek Scandi slide— I literally would’ve passed out if I had this in my room as a kid!

I also adore her larger than life Miffy lamp- by night this room transforms into a tranquil and magical sanctuary glistening with soft idea of heaven.

Beas bed epitomises lived in comfort- dressed with layered fabrics delivering a sophisticated sense of lux. It's the perfect spot for an afternoon nap. Someone pass me my PJs and favourite Ted!

Formerly a tatty and unused room, this space has been transformed into the bedroom of childhood dreams, but what I love most about this bedroom is just how dynamic it is. Mum, Zoe was green with envy and I don’t blame her. This room will suit Bea well into her teenage years and when she’s done with crayon drawing at her desk a grown up dressing table will sit perfectly in its place.  But for now, and for many years to come she can just kick back and enjoy being a kid in her super stylish and fun room.
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