Heidi's Room

Heidi, my second child is equally as lovely as my eldest but there is an element of truth in what they say about the second child because this one is as mad as a box of frogs.
She is both loving and feisty in equal measure.  We could tell from a very early age that this little lady isn’t going to stand for any nonsense. She’s quirky alright, and so naturally Heidi’s room is shaped around her personality.
Also following the typical ‘second child’ pattern, Heidi is the proud owner of the ‘box’ room but luckily the playroom accommodates much of the girls ‘stuff’ so it’s not really a huge problem.
There’s plenty of room for a wardrobe and cot-bed, and when the time comes to upgrade her to a standard single, I’ve a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure the space still works harmoniously.
A couple of years ago while scrolling through my Instagram feed I stumbled across print designer Rachel Powell and it was love at first sight. Her ‘Tyler’ wallpaper absolutely took my breath away and I knew I had to feature it somewhere in our house. From there the ideas started to evolve and I decided to combine this new found obsession with my love of birch plywood in its natural form.
Heidi’s room takes on a bit of a ‘Ying Yang’ design with one wall and the floor in birch ply and the other wall and ceiling in my beloved Tyler paper.  It’s a pretty unconventional space and perfect for my little dotty little diva. She likes to break the mould, what can I tell ya?!
The best thing about the plywood wall aside from the fact it looks beautiful is that it’s super easy to rearrange shelving, hooks and prints. Its soft enough to tap pins into and I can screw straight into it without the need for wall plugs (Hurrah!)
Holes are easily filled and hardly noticeable once rubbed down.
This neutral canvas provides the perfect medium for some pops of bold colour. Pink, blue and yellow accessories deliver a sense of fun and creativity. The walls were given a little extra sass with some yellow semi circles. The vintage wardrobe is painted too to give a modern twist. I’m actually the sort of person who used to shudder at the thought of painting antiques but the walnut veneer just wasn’t right for this scheme and it now has a new lease of life- it looks great and so I am forevermore converted.
I think possibly the best thing about this room is its versatility. Take out all of the accessories and it provides a blank canvas for a new colour scheme. It’s timeless design means it will still suit an older child or teenager down the line and if for any reason it doesn’t (because let’s face it Heidi is nothing if not unpredictable) I’ll happily take it on as my office!

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