Boho- Macramé Inspired Micro Kitchen

When my husband and I were looking for our family home, there were many aspects of The Gatehouse that were very nearly deal breakers; I wanted lots of off street parking, a spacious garden and a big kitchen- I didn’t get any of the above!
BUT the quirkiness of this place blew us away and my heart overruled my head. 4 years on and we’ve never looked back.
I am still so in love with our home including our tiny, apartment sized kitchen.
Actually it’s defied expectations- It’s pretty functional. It offers plenty of work surface and cupboards and most important of all I love cooking in it! My inner lazy oaf loves the fact you don’t have too far to go to get from fridge to worktop, to oven etc. and there’s less floor to sweep and mop- winning!
As with all of my room makeovers, we had a limited budget to work with. Luckily this kitchen already had lots of positives; the units and worktop were newly installed: Solid wood worktop and plain white fronted Ikea cabinets. There wasn’t too much to protest about there.
But the tiles just weren’t working for us and so we decided upon a white subway with grey grout as the main change to bring about the transformation without breaking the bank.
To save yet more of our hard earned cash we thought we’d go a bit extra and try our hands at tiling. Brave I know, but it turned out really well and I’d definitely do it again. There are loads of YouTube tutorials out there (for pretty much anything, actually.) We borrowed a tile cutter from my Dad who literally has every tool going and is definitely a huge influence when it comes to my love of DIY.
Actually he is also responsible for our next step with the kitchen makeover- the wooden wall. I love repurposing old materials and my old man loves pulling wood from skips!
These beauties came from a Georgian house renovation and are old floorboards. But, so as not to be too conventional we thought best not lay them on the floor- too obvious. Oooo I know, the wall! Let’s fix them to the wall! And hey presto!

Sometimes the biggest design triumphs are not the carefully thought out plans, but the spontaneous and sometimes crazy ideas that you just go with on impulse. But you know what- the bigger the risk, the bigger the victory and I really think the reclaimed boards transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary!
Best of all they’re free! (Please check with homeowners before you help yourselves to their skip contents!)
The next challenge we faced was how to fix them. Probably the easiest way, whilst limiting the damage to the existing wall would be to drill them, and then fix to the wall with screws and wall plugs. If you opt for this method- make sure you know exactly where your pipes and cables run first.
I however took issue with this strategy because I didn’t like the idea of screw heads spoiling the overall look and as the boards are aged and rugged, I didn’t want to fill the holes with wood filler either.
So I probably went for the method that would have many experts holding their head in their hands- I fixed them with Gripfill and nails (again ensuring I avoided pipes and cables)
I can be a bit of a ‘live in the moment and deal with the consequences later’ kinda girl and this was definitely one of those moments. I am fully aware that when the day arrives where I want to get the boards off the wall, most likely the plaster will be coming down with them, and so you should also take note! If you are more for damage limitation and conservation then I’d recommend the first option!

However, as far as fixings are concerned thereafter- you’re laughing.
Styling this space was a dream- just grab and hammer and nail and away you go. If it’s not quite in the right place- claw it out with the hammer and try again- the boards were already full of holes- what’s a few more!
Since completing this project I’ve actually given it a restyle- but it lends itself so well to change.
It’s a pretty neutral canvas and so there’s no major overhaul needed when you fancy something a little different.
I’m really loving Bohemian styling right now and picked up some really nice Macramé pieces that lent themselves so well to this space.
The hanging planters came from Ikea and Matalan and are just a fantastic way to keep fresh herbs if you have a small kitchen as they save on worktop space. These original plants are all still in situ and thriving!

Also from Matalan came the gorgeous Macramé wall hanging and the chevron woven basket- there’s some really lovely inexpensive items available on the high street to dress your home if you shop around!
I’ve really bought into the succulent trend and so I had to include some in this kitchen makeover. I made a hanging planter using a wooden storage box from H&M and an old belt.
I bought a triangular napkin holder from H&M and used it to create a mini vertical succulent garden. Follow this link to see exactly how.

Finally, one of my favourite features are the charming bug prints- these are so simple and yet so endearing! They came from a book I found in a charity shop and I simply hung them using antique effect bulldog clips. They make me smile whenever I see them.
You’ll notice that our kitchen is quite ‘busy’  but I hope you'll agree- in a good way.
Many people assume that minimal is the way to go when dealing with a small space but I strongly disagree. I feel like our kitchen is so interesting that it actually detracts from its size.
There’s good clutter, and there’s bad clutter!

 Here's a few Common Kitchen Faux Pas that you might want to avoid:

 1:Matching ‘tea, coffee, sugar’ jars, all neatly lined up against your backsplash. Instead try mixing up different sized Mason, or Kilner Jars and place them among other knick-knacks rather than directly next to the kettle. If you really need the labels to remind you what’s inside- try making your own using natural twine and chalk pens on a black label.
2: Next up; cereal boxes out on the side…just no. If you’re really short on storage then opt for more Mason/ Kilner jars. Added bonus- your cereal remains fresh for longer!
3:Junk piles- you know, receipts, letters, the button that fell off your cardy 3 weeks ago. Come on guys. Get a filing system and keep it out of the kitchen!
Anything else you want to know about my mini kitchen makeover? Head over to my CONTACT section where you can post a question and I’ll get back you as soon as I can!